The pros and cons of app builder sites vs. hiring a developer

Having an app is more focused on whether your business will benefit from an app. If you have a website and it’s making no profit then I would suggest focus on your marketing and website before getting an app.

Some business owners dream of creating a mobile app that will go viral and bring them international attention and acclaim.

Others simply want something functional that they can offer their customers to make their lives simpler and strengthen that all-important professional relationship. With a growing number of DIY application-building sites available (many of them at no cost), some companies are opting for the free and easy route, circumventing the need to hire the services of a freelance app developer from a creative staffing firm. But is this necessarily the best idea? Here’s a quick list of pros and cons of app builder sites.

The Pros of Application Building Sites

  • No need for programming skills
    App builders make the process of app development relatively simple. Instead of coding, the WYSIWYG approach is used in most cases. This means that each modification (adding a new piece of content or component) is shown in real time in the corresponding section while the app is previewed.

  • High on the User-Friendly Scale
    Ease of use is usually touted by the proponents of app builder sites as one of their major selling points. But simplicity may not be the way to go if your goal is to create an impactful or highly usable application.

  • One-Way Communication
    For the company or business owner who isn’t gifted in the art of communication, working with a application developer may prove to be a bit more time-consuming than using an automated app builder. The only drawback there is the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) element that you’re limited to with app-builder sites, which may not be the ideal circumstance for a business looking to create something unique.

  • Quick Time to Market
    Using an application-building program enables the user to determine when the project is completed, which ensures a much shorter time to market. This can come in handy if your goal is to get something out there as soon as possible, with quality or usefulness as a lower priority.

The Cons of App Builder Sites

  • No Support from the App Stores
    According to the latest guidelines by Apple, any mobile application that’s built using a commercialized template or a mobile app builder will be rejected by the system. This means that your business mobile app won’t even make it to the Apple app store if it’s created using app creators.This is another major setback since your mobile app will not get exposure to the iOS platform. Since most of the app stores are now implementing strict guidelines, using app creators to build mobile apps has become quite risky. Apple dominates the smartphone market in the US. If your app gets rejected by the Apple store, your business will lose several potential clients. This will directly affect your sales and ROI.

  • Additional charges
    Additional charges may apply for the degree of use of the mobile app. For example, if users started utilizing your mobile app more often, the number of internal queries to the online service, and data that needs to be stored, has increased. This can be an obstacle to the growth of your app.

  • Limited Cross-Functionality
    Hiring a qualified application developer will ensure that your app is cross-functional with the highest number of mobile devices. When you limit yourself to taking the DIY approach, you may also inadvertently be excluding a vast percentage of your audience that won’t be able to use your app on their mobile devices.

  • Nothing But Basics
    If you’re looking for something straightforward and rudimentary, an app-builder site may be the choice for you. However, if you want to create an application that’s both highly usable and unique, hiring a developer through a creative staffing firm is the absolute best bet.

When It Is Worth Using a Mobile App Builder, And When It Is Not

It is up to you which of the possible options for creating a mobile app to resort to. Of course, app builders allow you to make everything quickly and inexpensively, but if you plan to expand your app in the future, you will still end up needing to contract an app development service.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a project with prospects for further expansion, you should just get your mobile app developed from scratch. Our team can help you reach your objectives, and we are ready to advise you on all issues for free – just contact us.

However, you can make the choice in favor of mobile app builders as an option exclusively in the following cases:

  • you want to create a simple product with minimal and well-defined functionality;
  • you are not planning major modifications in the code and functionality in the future;
  • the template design and architecture suits you well;
  • you want to test a particular niche, and develop a more serious product afterward.

We hope this article was helpful to you and will assist you in making the right choice.

Hiring a Professional App Builder

Effective application-building relies heavily on a well-balanced blend of creativity, experience, and skill. If your ultimate aim is to create a mobile app that will be popular and that your customers will use daily, consider working with a professional app developer to make that vision a reality. To get started on the road to finding an app developer, contact us.

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