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What makes React Native so special and why web developers are starting to learn React Native?

More and more web developers are getting into React and now React Native has a high interest in developing mobile applications and for a very good reason.

How React evolved…

  • First, React appeared and changed the way we think about creating web apps
  • Next, React Native was released, taking all the good from React and making it available to iOS and Android apps. React Native was initially created to work on mobile platforms, and it is highly influenced by the way native apps are developed. Be that as it may, it preserves some key elements that make it feel closer web development: JavaScript, markup with JSX, and Flexbox
  • Finally, react-native-web was created to take those React Native applications and make them run in browsers again

React-native-web is one of the most amazing ideas I’ve stumbled upon in a while. For UI developers, it makes a longtime dream a reality: the ability to create an application that runs on both phones and browsers with just one codebase.

Why use anything else?

Yes React is very flexible however it doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the job. For instance if you want a brochure site WordPress and other CMS’s are quick to setup, also it means a corporation is upgrading the CMS for you and you don’t have to maintain the framework yourself.

It’s all about using the right tool for the job, yes this also means getting the right web developer or software engineer. Not getting advice could be very costly further down the line. Please talk to our consultant and get advice.

Who uses React?

7702 companies reportedly use React in their tech stacks, including Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

What else can React be used for?

React 360 (or React VR) is a library used to create virtual reality experiences with React and uses Three.js for rendering. As it is a React project, the API should be familiar to those that already know React.

Usage of React 360 is similar to that of React Native, it is a library that uses custom components and does not interface with the DOM as we know it.

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