MJML email design & development

Whatever the device and email client your subscribers open your email on, they expect to see your message beautifully styled and rendered. However, creating a truly responsive email is an hard task because of the lack of standard between the rendering engines email clients like Outlook and Gmail use and the poor support of HTML email clients offer.

Developing emails has stayed in the past for the last decade: you have to use old HTML structure like <table> with inline CSS style in order to get your email correctly displayed in any email client.

Nobody knows how to work with this today and testing a template with the email clients out there is a real pain.

Here comes MJML! It stands for MailJet Markup Language, is written in ReactJS and helps you use HTML-like markup to make beautiful and responsive email templates.

It comes with a compiler: you write MJML and you get ready-to-use HTML.

At Presence Web Design we can design the email and provide the html, contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

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