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Google is putting more and more importance on Page Speed.  Google calculates your page speed in a variety of ways and you can see what Google has to say about your site for free, directly on Google on their Google Page Speed testing environment.

We have optimised dozens of websites and we know all the tricks. If you have a low Google Page Speed rank, then you need to optimise your Google page speed right away. You won’t just be making your website more appealing to Google (and other search engines) but you will be making it more appealing to the end-user as well.

Read our guide on how to speed up your website

Why is Google Page Speed Optimisation Important

It’s important because Google wants to serve up the best possible websites it’s search results. If you, the end-user of a Google Search, starts clicking on the top ten links a Google Search returns, and the websites are all non-responsive or loading slowly, you are going to get frustrated. Maybe these websites are exactly what you are looking for, but if they are slow to load it’s not going to be worth the wait.

That’s why Google Page Speed Optimisation is so important. If two sites have similar content, and SEO, Google is going to favor the site that has a higher Google Page Speed first.

How speed affects your website

Presence web design offers a variety of Google Page Speed Optimisation services. Our services are dependent on the type of Web Hosting you have, and what your current Page Speed Score is.


Each website is different and requires a different amount of Page Speed Optimisation, contact us to let us review your website.

Read our guide on how to speed up your website

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